The historical façade of the former Palais Spinrath, which was converted into a private residence in 1812 by the Düsseldorf master builder, Vagedes, is the most eye-catching of the "lifestyle houses" on Ratinger Strasse. This unusual building designed by sop Architekten contrasts the historical substance with a modern exterior, while the pointed gables on its roof pick up on the surrounding architecture.

The extraordinary architecture of the "Lifestylehaus" is the trade mark of the companies who have chosen to locate their head offices here. The large windows ensure that offices have plenty of natural light, and the flexible room division allows perfect adaptation to every corporate structure.

So roll on success! And when it arrives, it can be fittingly celebrated in the conveniently located restaurant space on the ground floor.

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7 days a week
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

+49 211 / 86 32 30 0


Mühlenstraße 32

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