What is probably the city's oldest profane building – the "Lewenhaus" – marks the entrance to Liefergasse. Built around 1288, its front end faces onto a small bench-lined square. The brick façade of the former Courthouse further enhances this spot's historical character. The ancient masonry of the façade on Liefergasse has been carefully integrated into the new building and the new section of the façade also blends in perfectly with the Altstadt, as the nucleus of the city.

The row of houses at Liefergasse 2 and 4 was designed by RKW Architekten, and has been carefully modified to match the height of the surrounding buildings. Externally, the heterogeneous façade breaks the building into two sections. This is a place where modern living requirements are given a new home: Set back from the Liefergasse in steps, the building has two further floors containing impressive penthouse flats. Their spacious terraces afford an enchanting view to the west, of the Altstadt and the Rhine.

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Liefergasse 2 / 4

Mühlenstraße 34

Ratinger Straße 1-7

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