The Altstadt – Düsseldorf's centre and heart – is situated between the internationally renowned Königsallee, the verdant Hofgarten, and the idyllic Rhine embankment with its promenade. The Andreas Quartier is being built right in the centre of the city's historical core. And, just as one would expect in the city centre, virtually all of the most important places are close at hand, indeed, some are even within eyeshot.

The Andreas Quartier, comprising four mansion blocks and four commercial buildings, will be framed by Ratinger Strasse, Liefergasse and Neubrückstrasse. The imposing façade of the former Courthouse faces onto Mühlenstrasse. Hardly anywhere else can one live so centrally, and in such close proximity to so many of Düsseldorf's landmarks.

Shopping amenities too are unbeatable here and this goes for both day-to-day shopping, and for less mundane luxury items on world-famous Königsallee.